Aviation or plane accidents do not happen often, thankfully.  When they do, you want an attorney that has the experience and knowledge necessary to give you the best recovery possible. Ideally you want an attorney with the following traits:


1)      Experience – Although inexperienced lawyers can be effective, they are not always aware of the pitfalls that await them when filing suit.  When people hire inexperienced attorneys they are putting their future at risk by potentially receiving less compensation and therefore not being able to better pay for suitable care for the rest of their life.

2)      Knowledge – Having an attorney that has a personal background in the field is invaluable.  The other alternative is if the attorney has an expert they can consult.

3)      Resources – It is important to hire a firm that has been established because this is one way of indicating that it has the resources necessary to fight your case.  You don’t want a firm with inadequate resources because the injury lawyer you hire may be more inclined to settle a case before you received your maximum recovery.

Mark Perenich has all 3 of the above traits:

1) Mark has over 28 year of valuable experience in personal injury litigation. There are few attorneys in the Tampa Bay area that can say this. He was also Board Certified until 2008 and is seeking re-certification. There are even fewer attorneys that can say that.

2) Mark, is a pilot, he is not your ordinary weekend warrior pilot he is instrument rated and visually rated. (IFR and VFR) . In other words, Mark has the experience and knowledge necessary to 1) Understand your case, because these cases are very complex 2) make the best arguments that will enable a jury to understand a complex factual and legal issue. 3) Provide you the best recovery for your injuries.

3) Finally, Perenich Caulfield (formally Perenich and Carroll) has been around since 1955 that means more than 60 years of fighting huge companies, powerful, people, and multiple million dollar suits. This is proof of our track record, we Clearwater’s oldest firm, we are resilient because we have a strong work ethic and a good office dynamic with experienced personnel

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