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I am Mark Perenich, I am a licensed Florida personal injury attorney and I have practiced in Florida for more than 30 years, our firm was established in 1955 we are Clearwater and Florida’s oldest exclusive personal injury law firm.  We have been serving the Tampa Bay area since 1955 I created this website to inform potential clients, blog about current events, and to help people in need find help when they are faced with an injury or disability, due to the mistakes or carelessness of another. I also invite you to ask me about content or to request content, I am happy to create blogs or pages to help people.

If you have a case or a referral please call me for a free case evaluation : If you have an Iphone click here →727-386-9677  Android or windows phone → 727-386-9677. Or go to my Contact page 

Types of Personal Injury Cases

I handle various types of cases

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More than 30 years of practicing in the Tampa Bay area and Florida, Million Dollar Advocate, AV rated, Named one of Tampa bay’s Top lawyers by Tampa Bay Magazine (July/August 2010), Board Certified 1997-2007.



If you have been injured and you feel that you have been wronged

I will hear your story and do everything I can to help you.


Where Mark Takes Cases

I have offices in Pinellas, St. Petersburg (St. Pete) Pasco – New Port Richey, Hernando-Spring Hill. Hillsborough–Tampa.  I take cases anywhere Florida  have taken cases in Miami, Jacksonville, Tallahassee, Panama city, Gainesville, Orlando, Sarasota, Fort Myers, among other cities in Florida.

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Why select Mark as your personal injury lawyer

Mark Perenich is a member of the Florida Bar, American Bar, and is peer rated

Mark Perenich is a member of the Florida Bar, American Bar, and is peer rated.  He is an FJA member and an AAJ member



Mark's Firm is on the the top law firms in Florida.

Rated as one of Tampa Bay's top lawyers

 Mark Perenich is a member of the American Justice association

Mark Perenich is a member of the Florida Justice Association



Multimillion dollar settlements

Mark has won millions of dollars for his clients

Mark Perenich is a member of the Million Dollar Advocates Forum and Multi-Million dollar advocates Forum: a distinction given to attorneys that have won over a million dollars for their clients multiple times. The multimillion Dollar advocates forum was established in 1993 is one of the most exclusive and prestigious memberships amongst trial attorneys or personal injury lawyers. There are about 4000 members throughout the United States, fewer than 1% of practicing lawyers are part of the multimillion dollar or million Dollar advocates forum. Most of the top personal injury lawyers are members of the million and multimillion Dollar advocates forum.

The hallmark of a million-dollar advocate is that the personal injury lawyer is able to take a complex case, or catastrophic injury, and argue on the behalf of the client to ensure that they are receiving just compensation for their injuries. Cases that settle for over $1 million or are rare, this is not the normal case for all clients.

Typically million-dollar settlements or verdicts come from cases where clients have been severely injured, have experienced serious loss, maybe they had been paralyzed, lost a close family member (wrongful death), or the case is so egregious that juries find what the defendant did morally reprehensible as well as legally reprehensible and may impose punitive damages on the defendant. This is why if you or family member has been seriously injured, whether it be from a car accident, or medical malpractice you should contact an experienced personal injury lawyer today. You should be sure to look for an attorney that has been board certified, orders a member of the multimillion dollar advocates form, or has years of experience and has a good reputation in the community. I have felt numerous clients in the Tampa Bay, St. Petersburg area receive settlements that they deserve and that clients are happy with.


Board Certified Lawyer in Florida

What does it mean to be a Board certified Lawyer (In the state of Florida)?

  • B.C.S./Expert/Board Certified-  Only those lawyers who are members of Florida Bar association and have been certified by the Florida law board to have specialization in various field of law can use terms like – “Expert”, “Specialist”, “B.C.S.” or “Board certified” to identify themselves and use it in their Business cards, Letter Heads, Legal Directories or in Advertising. Not all lawyers practicing in the state of Florida are certified but only those who have taken the initiative of getting their competence and experience evaluated are given Board certification.
  • Awarded to– The Board certification is only awarded to and recognizes attorneys having skills, special knowledge and proficiency in various areas of law and those who demonstrate ethics and professionalism in Law practice.
  • Evaluation & Testing – Board certified lawyers are tested for their expertise in the field of law and are evaluated for the professionalism they demonstrate in their work.
  • Certification to Identify– The board certification was established by the Florida Supreme Court in the year 1982 as a measure for clients to identify specialist / experts in the various areas of Law.
  • Competence & Experience – Board certification is the highest recognized form of evaluation for an attorney’s experience and competency in the 24 different areas of Law that have been approved by the supreme court of Florida.


*Only 6% or 4600 members of the Florida Bar association are Board certified.

*For board certification a lawyer must have 5 years of experience, should have demonstrated substantial involvement in the given field of law for which certification is awarded, should have passed peer review of competence in chosen specialty field and also characters, ethics and professionalism in the practice of law, should have received passing grade in the examination required for all applicants or should have met the strict criteria that exempts from the exam.









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We are preparing to celebrate our 60th year of success as Florida's oldest personal injury law firm.
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